About us

Explicit is an experienced technology company specialising in affordable systems for sensor data acquisition, monitoring and administration.

Applying a different approach

Much environmental sensor technology today is based on ultrasensitive, large-size units that are often very expensive to install and deploy. As a consequence much environmental modelling is based on complex extrapolated computer simulations instead of actual empirical data.

Often the accuracy of expensive sensory technology can be statistically compensated by radically increasing the amount of data points through the deployment of multiple low-cost sensors or by simply getting closer to the source of emissions using mobile units and UAVs.

A cost-efficient alternative

Explicit is focused on data collection in settings that are difficult to access or require a large distributed network of measuring points. Our goal is to provide cost-efficient alternatives to traditional expensive large-scale sensor technology.

Our systems apply smart UAV and mobile hardware coupled with low-cost sensor technologies and advanced analysis software to create unique environmental knowledge through smart data collection.

Explicit has more than 15 years experience in data acquisition and software development. The company is headed by software developer and chemical engineer Jon Knudsen.



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DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby
Phone: +45 44 41 00 73