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Founded in 1998, Explicit has made it its mission to deliver better, more reliable and cost-efficient concepts and technologies for measuring emissions essential to our climate and air quality. The world is on a mission to reduce the impact of greenhouse gasses and air pollutants for a more sustainable future. However, the success of those efforts relies on the ability to credibly trace and measure harmful emissions. Without reliable emissions data, we will not know the true effectiveness of environmental initiatives, regulations and reduction strategies.
Data specialists at heart, we have made it our priority to ensure the information we provide to our clients about emissions, is as reliable and actionable as possible. Our approach is anchored in solid science, validated methods, and proven technologies. 100 % application-driven, we select and integrate technologies depending on the measuring task at hand, always keeping our options open for innovations in sensors, platforms and methods that can advance our data goals.

Patents and research

Explicit holds several patents on monitoring methods and system design and have received international recognition for our solutions to monitor emissions.

We regularly support and participate in key research initiatives to advance the general understanding of free air emissions, measurement methods and technology, and document the impact of reduction efforts.

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Jon Knudsen


Bettina Knudsen


Søren Jørgensen

Chief Field Operations Officer

Rasmus Ebdrup

Chief Digital Officer

Laura De Rossi

Laboratory Manager

Jörg Beecken

Senior Project & Research Manager

Arturo Lewis

Quality & Project Manager

Luca Ledermann

Business Developer & Project Manager

Mikkel Ege

Instrument Engineer

Birgitte Holdt

Exe. Assistant & Emissions Analyst

Dennis Larsen

UAV Pilot

J. E. Knudsen

Scientific Advisor

Tobias Severin

Emissions Analyst

Thorbjørn Jans

Operations Manager

Hanna Rahbek

Financial Controller

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