Ships contribute significantly to global air pollution

We help monitor their compliance with environmental regulations

MARPOL Annex VI enforcement

Pioneering the field of maritime emissions monitoring, Explicit enables authorities to monitor compliance with MARPOL Annex VI regulations using airborne surveillance of individual ship emissions. The solution allows for effective enforcement of key environmental regulations at sea.


Based on the SO2/CO2 ratio in the exhaust gas, the system can determine the sulphur content (% m/m) in the fuel being burned using emission factors prescribed by MEPC.

  • ECA limit: 0.10 % FSC
  • Global cap: 0.50 % FSC

  • Sulphur
  • NOx emissions

    Based on the NOx/CO2 ratio in the exhaust gas and other parameters the system is able to identify possible NOx outliers under IMO’s NOx Technical Code Tier I-III.

    • Estimated average NOx in g/kWh
    • Tier III NTE threshold compliance
    • Tier I-II outlier identification

  • NOx emissions
  • Methane slip

    Using high-sensitive laser spectrometry, Explicit is also able to detect possible methane leakage issues from LNG vessels during at-sea operations.

    • CH4 concentration mapping (ppb)
    • Stand-alone sensor package

  • Methane slip
    • From exhaust gas to emissions result

      Combining sensors, software and lab services in one integrated solution, Explicit provides a full service option for monitoring individual ship emissions compliance.
      • 1
        Smart Flight

        Software tools to guide the pilots in navigating the plume using sensor, weather and AIS data to obtain the best possible sampling position.

      • 2
        Mini Sniffers

        Pre-calibrated, easy to replace, units comprising SO2, CO2, NO, NOx, temperature and humidity sensors. Calibrations according toISO standard 6145-1.

      • 3
        Emissions Lab

        Advanced cloud-based central emissions analysis, quality control and data storage services. Access to emissions expert support.

      • 4

        Online reporting with detailed emissions reports on all vessels, maps, and statistics tools for compliance analytics across datasets.

      How it's done

      Explicit's Mini Sniffer System can be used on both manned an unmanned aircraft and in multiple locations to conduct airborne surveillance of maritime emissions. Click on the link to see how it's done.

      The EMSA RPAS programme

      Since 2018 Explicit has been delivering key emissions monitoring capabilities to the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) as part of their RPAS operations programme. Managed and piloted by operating partners, Explicit delivers key sensor technology, emissions analysis expertise, and data provision to the operations. The RPAS are deployed in various locations in European waters. See the latest press release from EMSA below.

      Our services

      Our emissions monitoring technologies and expertise are provided as adaptable service solutions, fitted to the task and the needs of the client. In some cases Explicit will provide full monitoring solutions including operations, data processing and reporting. In others, we work closely with operating partners and clients to execute inspections in the field while we focus on providing instrument payloads, data analysis support, training, and quality control.