Making a difference in emissions monitoring

Explicit is a pioneering technology company dedicated to advancing solutions for monitoring emissions using drones and manned aircraft. We offer monitoring concepts, technology and expertise to operators, industry, and authorities
looking to understand the nature and impact of emissions, document compliance, and enforce environmental limits. Our approach is anchored in solid science, validated methods, and proven technologies.
Applying innovation in sensors and measuring techniques

Using innovative micro sensor technologies, manned and unmanned aircraft, and advanced measuring techniques to trace and measure emissions over land and sea.

Linking data, experts and clients

Using IOT, cloud computing, software analysis, and expert support to relay, combine and analyse data in a way that delivers actionable knowledge about emission impacts and compliance directly into the hands of those who need it, when they need it.

Preserving and enhancing the value of environmental data

Providing transparency and documentation on sensor performance, calculations, quality assurance, and data management to ensure clients can comfortably rely on the reported emissions results.


Measuring fugitive and diffuse emissions

Explicit has developed the Drone Flux Measurement (DFM) method, a solution to quantify GHGs emissions from different critical sources using a sniffer drone.
  • Quantification of emissions
  • Leakage detection
  • 2D and 3D mapping
  • CH4, CO2, N2O
  • Energy production
  • Agricultural production
  • Landfills and waste water
  • Offshore platforms

Measuring maritime emissions

Explicit is world-leading in solutions for monitoring vessel emissions at sea using both manned and unmanned aircraft to sample ship exhaust plumes.
  • MARPOL Annex VI compliance monitoring of SOx and NOx
  • Methane slip from LNG ships
  • Black carbon and particle emissions
  • Harbour entry and in-port areas
  • Near-coast, rivers and canals
  • Vessel-launched operations
  • Broad aerial surveillance of shipping lanes

We are focused on providing our clients
with the highest quality emissions data


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Measurement inspections

Explicit has built a substantial track record within emissions monitoring using micro sensor technology and smart data processing. We have integrated our sensor instruments on multiple aircraft platforms, both manned and manned, and conducted measuring campaigns in several countries. Our objective is always the same - to provide our clients with the most reliable and actionable emissions data possible, so they can reach their environmental goals.

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Clients, Partners and Memberships

Our services

Our emissions monitoring technologies and expertise are provided as adaptable service solutions, fitted to the task and the needs of the client. In some cases Explicit will provide full monitoring solutions including operations, data processing and reporting. In others, we work closely with operating partners and clients to execute inspections in the field while we focus on providing instrument payloads, data analysis support, training, and quality control.